19th Strategic Partner Meeting of the BOC Group

It's that time of the year again: Get ready for the 19th Strategic Partner Meeting of the BOC Group! During this two-day conference in September,... More

ADOIT 8.3 unboxed: BOC Group releases the next version of its professional EA suite

Powerful workflow capabilities to manage ever-changing Enterprise Architectures are one, yet not the only, highlights of ADOIT 8.3.

BOC Group introduces the next evolution of it's powerful 100% web-based EA suite. In the course of delivering more than 1,000 implementation... More

Full BPMN DI-support of ADONIS NP confirmed by BPMN Model Interchange Working Group

BOC Group’s BPM suite ADONIS NP, once again, solidified its position as one of the leading Business Process Management suites and achieved top results in the latest test by the BPMN MIWG.

BPMN is the global de-facto standard for modelling detailed processes and can be used both by businesses (to document their processes) and IT (to... More

Enterprise knowledge as a critical success factor for successful digitalization

Digitalization is on everyone's mind and is revolutionizing one industry after another. Customer needs are rapidly changing and new business models continuously increase competitive pressure. In addition, more stringent legal requirements and rising burdens of compliance increase the cost strain. Companies are required to adapt to the pace of this change: organizationally, procedurally and technologically.

Take some time to reflect on the following guiding principle: Business transformation is not a one-off project. Individual measures are far too... More

BOC Group proudly presents the BOC Academy Programme exclusively for lecturers and students

Free, cloud-based, extensive teaching and learning materials at your fingertips, with widespread cooperation opportunities.

BOC Group announces the launch of the BOC Academy Programme in the fields of Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture. Founded by... More