Get Audit-Ready - With ADONIS and ADOIT you can control your audit-related tasks

Success factors that save your sleep

Companies nowadays are required to conduct internal and external audits more and more frequently. Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise... More

Release of ADOIT 7.5: Game-changing EA at your fingertips!

The BOC Group announced today the launch of ADOIT 7.5 that comes loaded with an array of improvements setting ADOIT apart from all the mere run-of-the-mill architecture tools.

The 100% web-based EA suite ADOIT steps out of the box and delivers valuable and easily digested architecture insights to decision makers through its... More

Release of ADONIS NP 4.5: The Best-In-Class BPM Suite!

The BOC Group announced today the launch of ADONIS NP 4.5 that comes with innovative additions that again advance the New Platform to a higher level.

“More than modelling” is the promise of the 100% web-based BPM tool, since the tool not only allows for process modelling, but also comes with... More

Webinar calendar for 2017 – Out now!

BOC Group is happy to announce the webinar calendar for 2017! This year, we have prepared a large number of professional webinars and we invite you to join us on this exciting journey!

Experience how to choose the right BPM or EA tool, create transparency in your processes, achieve success in quality, process and risk management,... More

“Model-Driven Development and Operation of Multi-Cloud Applications”

Specialist Book on “The MODAClouds Approach” in cooperation with BOC Group

The EC-funded FP7-ICT research project “MODAClouds” aims to facilitate interoperability between heterogeneous Cloud platforms and remove the... More