BPMN Model Interchange: The Successful Quest for Interoperability

ADONIS NP once again joins the BPMN MIWG public demo & reiterates its unwavering position as a leading BPM suite

BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation) is the number one worldwide standard for business process modelling. But, while many know it for its incredible diagramming capabilities and advantages, it is also a model interchange standard – an XML format that can be exported from one tool into another. In fact, BPMN 2.0 marked the very definition of the XML-based data interchange mechanism.


However, just like with any other mechanism, there’s always some hurdles and obstacles, on the way to ensuring it operates 100% smoothly. And this is where the BPM Modeling Interchange Working Group (BPMN MIWG) steps into the game. The group was created back in 2013, with the purpose of supporting, facilitating and promoting the interchange of BPMN models among various tools.


Although BPMN 2.0 is undoubtedly the most successful Business Process standard around, there are still some loose ends in the interchange of BPMN 2.0 files which may need some attention. And this is exactly what the BPMN MIWG has been focusing on ever since.


In an effort to make the BPMN interoperability true, the BPMN MIWG organizes several public demonstration events every year, with an aim to test, improve and ultimately ensure the smooth interchange of BPMN models between the tools that implement the standard.


BOC Group is proud to be one of the few BPM tool providers to support and partake in this great initiative since the very beginning. We consider the model interchange capability to be very important for our BPM suite, and for that reason make sure to be actively participating in all tests performed by BPMN MIWG. In this year’s demo, which took place earlier this June in Amsterdam, ADONIS NP performed very well – scoring far above the average, and on top of the scale in all tested categories.


ADONIS NP allows you to both easily import and export the BPMN diagrams, while also providing full roundtrip capabilities. This essentially enables you to utilize the full potential of the BPMN fit for business to document your business processes, as well as safely interchange back and forth with other BPMN tools without losing any data in this exchange.


BPMN fit for business extends the standard BPMN system in a way that assures that your process documentation adheres to the standard, while still supporting other important business scenarios – such as Strategic Process Management, Quality Management, Risk Management, and more!


To learn more about the latest results of the BPMN MIWG-tested tools click here.


To further explore how ADONIS NP supports BPMN 2.0, please visit www.boc-group.com/adonis or order your free BOC Group BPMN poster here.