Equal chances for All: ADONIS NP Now Officially The Only BPM Tool Certified For Accessibility

ADONIS NP passes the rigorous accessibility certification criteria and ensures better usability and easy access for everyone!

We are very excited and proud to share that our BPM suite ADONIS NP 7.0, or more precisely its Organisation Portal, has recently passed the BITV (Barrierefreie-Informationstechnik-Verordnung) / WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) test and has officially been granted the accessibility certification by BIK Hamburg. With the impressive and hard earned 92 points, ADONIS NP fully complies with the accessibility standards and provides all users with an equal opportunity of accessing the tool and consuming its content.


Tobias Rausch, ADONIS NP product manager comments on this accomplishment by saying:
"At BOC Group, we have always been strong believers and advocates of diversity, both when it comes to our own community and when it comes to our clients and users. And thus, we also strongly believe that our technology should reflect the diversity of the people that use our products. Now, with the latest updates and improvements we can deliver on that mission, by providing a versatile set of accessibility-friendly features that enhance the personal computing experience for everyone."


Despite the focus of accessible design being primarily on people with disabilities that impede their vision, hearing, and movement, when striving to make your software more inclusive, you are essentially making it easier to navigate and understand for all. Therefore, the new features contributing to ADONIS NP being easier to use, see, navigate and consume, ultimately improve the ADONIS NP experience and accessibility for all users, beyond any restrictions and limitations.


The new features include better colour contrasts, passing the WCAG "AA" standard of accessibility, consistent and easy keyboard navigation and UI elements, better visual representation of texts, great screen-reader support, and others! And all of these features and improvements have been thoroughly implemented both in the Organisation Portal and throughout the entire tool.


Want to experience this best-of-breed BPM suite for yourself? Head on over to our 30-Day Free Trial* page to register and take ADONIS NP for a spin!


* Please note, that the 30-Day Free Trial is currently based on ADONIS NP version 6.0, which already incorporates most of the accessibility functionality and features.