Get Audit-Ready - With ADONIS and ADOIT you can control your audit-related tasks

Success factors that save your sleep

Companies nowadays are required to conduct internal and external audits more and more frequently. Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) are three disciplines of immense interest, as their analyses and reports can, or even must, consistently be reported to external stakeholders.


The resulting preparation and execution tasks are usually very time-consuming. We have identified the following approaches and success factors that can help you master the challenge of getting "audit-ready":


  1. Integration of management areas and disciplines
  2. Reuse and extension of existing documentation
  3. Strong functional support with a suitable tool set
  4. Reference models from audit-relevant departments
  5. A strong and experienced partner who can advise


The requirements, both internal and external, are necessarily demanding. Benefit from the experience of others and rely on a suitable toolset in the course of your preparation for:


  • Maturity level assessment regarding compliance requirements
  • Preparation of audit-relevant documentation
  • Validation, audit rules and traceability
  • Versioning, historicization and archiving
  • Publishing and feedback mechanisms
  • Analysis and reporting
  • Integrated management of measures


Interested in getting to know our approaches and success factors in greater detail? Here, you will learn how the BOC Group can support you with the preparation of audit-relevant documentation and reports.