“Model-Driven Development and Operation of Multi-Cloud Applications”

Specialist Book on “The MODAClouds Approach” in cooperation with BOC Group

The EC-funded FP7-ICT research project “MODAClouds” aims to facilitate interoperability between heterogeneous Cloud platforms and remove the constraints of deployment, portability, and reversibility for end users of Cloud services. BOC Group is one of ten project partners contributing to this innovation project.


MODAClouds provides methods, a decision support system, an open source IDE and run-time environment for the high-level design, early prototyping, semiautomatic code generation, and automatic deployment of applications on multiple Clouds. In the open-access book published by Springer Verlag, a clear overview is provided on the MODAClouds approach and its concept on portability of applications and data between multiple Clouds. The chapter on “The BOC case: BPM in the Cloud” outlines how MODACloud’s technology is used to enact four major use cases for the Cloud deployment of the BPM tool ADONIS.


BOC Group is applying such state-of-the-art research results for operation of its BOC Cloud Services, offering its suites for Business Process Management or Enterprise Architecture Management also as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS or Cloud Service). Check out the ADONIS NP 1-Click Try-Out to see for yourself.


The ModaClouds book “Model-Driven Development and Operation of Multi-Cloud Applications” is available openly in digital form at Springer Verlag (Open Access). Download it now or order your soft cover copy online, to learn more about the ModaClouds approach.