The BOC Partner Programme: Success Has Many Names

As a university spin-off we know that cooperation and open exchange offer great potential in terms of opportunities. Within the BOC partner programme our strengths in product and solution development complement perfectly with those of our business partners. Depending on the industry you work in or on the products and services you provide: the BOC partner programme offers manifold possibilities.

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Key facts:

More than 90 partners in

more than 25 countries



Why Become a Partner?

Broaden your software and/or consulting portfolio through proven products and methodological know-how. Benefit from a competent partner in the area of technology and solution development. Open new business relations in your core market or in new areas and regions.

The BOC partner programme delivers access to a wide range of new opportunities.

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Our Common Goal

Our cooperative partnership helps us provide a worldwide network of companies to your and our clients. This network excels as best possible supplement to the product and service portfolio of the BOC Group through its high quality consulting, services and solutions.

The BOC partner programme holds advantages on both sides, for you and for the BOC Group. Together we pursue our common goal to globally distribute the products of the BOC Management Office to enable professional tool-based services that are uniquely customised for your and our clients.

Partners and Universities

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The BOC Partner Categories

The BOC Group offers various forms of the cooperative partnership that are adapted to the needs of different industries and company sizes. There are various possibilities to become a BOC partner, depending on the sector your business is active or which products and services you provide.

Distribution & Sales

You are the regional sales partner and interface between the BOC Group and clients in your region. You promote and distribute the products of the BOC Management Office and receive attractive services from the BOC Group in return.

Consulting & Solutions

Your technical expertise in management domains calls for optimum tool support. You provide valuable services to your clients and use the products of the BOC Management Office for this purpose.

Technology & Integration

With your technical knowledge in latest technologies you develop add-ons and interfaces to the products of the BOC Management Office. The BOC partner programme allows a combination of your skills and an established brand.

Knowledge & Academics

Your establishment cooperates with the BOC Group in science or research and development and relies on the products of the BOC Management Office. Offers regarding internships as well as the supervision of theses and papers enhance your education programme.

Your Advantages

  • Exclusive trainings
  • Professional tool support
  • Practical material
  • Proven methods
  • Development of individual solutions
  • Customising and programming APIs
  • Strong platform
  • Support of practice-oriented teaching
  • Research cooperation
  • Promotion of young talents

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