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The BOC Group

The BOC Group is an internationally leading manufacturer of software tools for globally recognised management approaches. Complemented by our vast service offering, we implement your management strategy and create value for your business and your IT. We would be pleased to be your reliable and strategic partner!

Starting from our headquarters in Vienna and additional companies in Germany, Spain, Ireland, Greece, Poland, Switzerland and France, the BOC Group operates worldwide.

Key facts:

35.000 installations

20 years of experience

0% outsourcing

100% performance


Company profile

In 1995 the BOC Group was founded as a spin-off of the University of Vienna. Cultural and intellectual diversity, openness for new things and the continuous urge to excel in what we do has brought us to where we are today: a technological leader as well as method and domain expert.

With the constant search for innovations and improvement of established procedures, we ensure the continuity with the development of our software and services.

1995 - 2000

  • Foundation of the BOC Group and first company-wide ADONIS licence
  • Foundation of BOC Germany, Spain, Ireland and Greece
  • First BOC Partner in Europe
  • Membership: Workflow Management Coalition
  • Austrian Walter Nettig Award for Young Viennese Entrepreneurs (Category: “Best Young Entrepreneur”)

2000 - 2005

  • Foundation of BOC Austria and BOC Information Systems
  • Foundation of BOC Poland
  • First verison of ADOit, ADOlog and ADOscore
  • First ADONIS Student Version
  • First version of the cooperation tool PROfit

2005 - 2010

  • Foundation of the BOC AG as Holding
  • Foundation of BOC Switzerland
  • First version of the ADONIS Process Portal and of the ADONIS Community Edition
  • Worldwide first Community of a BPM tool
  • Establishment of the BOC Management Office
  • OMG Award „Best BPM Application using Standards“

2010 - today

  • Foundation of BOC France
  • Foundation of the research community adoxx.org
  • First version of the ADOit Community Edition and of the ADONIS:cloud
  • First clients for Software as a Service
  • New Risk Management and Internal Control solution
  • The BOC Group publishes “BPMN fit for business”
  • Official TOGAF® certification of ADOit through opengroup.org   
  • Forrester Research assesses ADOit and the BOC Group as “Strong Performer”
  • Technology shift: all products 100% we

BOC Company Profile


  • All industries
  • Private and public
  • Corporate groups as well as SMEs
  • Business and IT
  • All levels of maturity


  • 180 employees
  • Top performer
  • Dynamic and innovative
  • Continuous training
  • Employees from more than 25 countries
  • Strong social skills


  • Regional and international
  • Reliable contact
  • Adviser and mediator
  • Sales and networking partners
  • Opinion leaders

Business Areas

  • Business Process Management
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Governance, Risk, Compliance
  • IT Service Management
  • Business Execution
  • Solution Engineering
  • Cloud Services

Science & Research

Our research group is continuously contributing to numerous well-renowned and high-impact research projects and is amongst the most innovative in the European Union. Research topics such as Factory of the Future, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Technology Enhanced Learning, Knowledge Management and Social Innovation are worked out as model-based approaches and grouped according to the research domains:

  • Engineer Your Business
  • Educate and Train Your People
  • Manage Your Enterprise Knowledge

Find selected projects on our project page.

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